Ahhh! Yes..... instructions

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Use this link to access the template Notebook
Steps and Instructions:

For experienced Evernote users, throw the notes into your Templates folder, create your "Daily" folders and start planning your days and tasks even better.

If you don't already have a "Templates" folder then create one now (This will be your repository to pull blank templates from no matter where you get them)

  1. Save Template of " Plan-it Planner" to your "Template" folder. (Be sure to put "[Template]" in front of all notes inside your Template folder, so when duplicating you can be sure you are not changing the original copy.
  2. Make another folder called "Daily" and duplicate the Plan-it note into here from your template folder.
  3. Make a Folder called "Daily Organize and Plan" This is where you duplicate all the other forms that you personally use for yourself.
  4. Save Note "Someday Task" (Plan-it Someday) note to your "Daily organize and plan" folder. (This is where you will dump all items from your brain) you will later link to these from "Plan-it Planner"
  5. Save 7 notes to your "Daily Organize and Plan" ie. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... (these are for your daily themes and rituals) you will later link to these from "Plan-it Planner"
  6. Make a folder called "Daily weekly Projects" and inside that folder put a copy of a note called "Project Planner" from your "Templates" folder, so you can link to these notes from your Plan-it Planner (use the duplicate note function)
  7. Make a Folder called "Daily Weekly Monthly Annual Goals" Inside that folder copy "2018 Current Goals", you will later link to this from "Plan-it Planner"
  8. Make a folder called "Daily Planner Archive" In this folder you will move the Plan-it Planner after you complete your week. This can easily be viewed and searched for past events, appointments and to-do list tasks. By adding your own anchor like #88 you can search that for making the weekly review more efficient.

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