So the basics include: Set up four notebooks
  1. Daily Planner
  2. Daily Organize and Plan
  3. Daily Archive
  4. Daily Templates
We will start with the Daily Templates notebook. This acts as a repository for your blank templates with your dashboard links. All notes in this folder will have "[Template]" at the beginning of the name. Simply duplicate to the Daily Planner notebook and rename.
The Daily Planner notebook should have at least a couple of weeks of planners. (1 week = 1 note). My note title is typically… ex. Plan-it-Planner 12/24 – 12/30
The Daily Organize and Plan notebook will hold all the notes from your dashboard links that are custom to you. Inside mine you would see:
  • Monday – Friday work rituals and set tasks (included with templates)
  • Project Planner for all my current projects (included with templates)
  • Someday Tasks similar to the GTD method (included with templates)
  • Sleep Tracker because you get what you measure (included with templates)
  • Current Goals for the current year (included with templates)
With the ability to make this work for me by color coding, copy and pasting, adding small pics to make it easy to find the weeks planner you should be editing, syncing between devices, and even sharing with work associates, I am finally able to focus on my important tasks.

For additional support, email [email protected] and put support or comments in the subject line.